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Welcome to the Honey Bun Website

Honey Bun Limited is a limited liability company registered in Kingston, Jamaica at 26 Retirement Crescent operating for 26 years under the current ownership structure. What started as a family business in 1982 has remained so but has grown from a handful of workers to over 150 committed permanent employees sustaining growth of almost 100% every 3 years.
Honey Bun considers Quality and the implementation of Quality Management Systems one of its main priorities as stated in our Mission Statement. We value our employees and their development within the organization.

The company operates as a wholesale bakery manufacturing snack products Island wide for the local industry and exports to the USA, UK, and the Caribbean. We operate 24 hours a day, 6 days a week in order to output and distribute freshly baked products daily. We boast stringent and efficient production and manufacturing principles, with a forward thinking management team and a quality department whose main function is to ensure customer satisfaction through continuous improvement.

The Honey Bun brand is available locally in all leading supermarkets, small retails, schools and service stations. The main product lines manufactured under the Honey Bun brand are donuts, snack cakes and buns. We are especially noted for the quality of our products and our packaging.

Honey Bun also owns and manufactures the Buccaneer Jamaica brand of Rum and Fruit Cakes. This brand was developed using only the best quality ingredients with the purpose of supplying Quality Jamaican products. Quality is a significant part of our service commitment to our customers. One of the main target markets for Buccaneer Jamaica is our local tourists and the export market in order to capitalize on the increased demand for ‘brand Jamaica’. These cakes are designed at targeting a medium to high end market with its fine line of Rum and Fruit Cakes, superbly packaged and baked to perfection. Nothing has been spared in choosing ingredients!

Our products exemplify the highest manufacturing standards of our, soon to be, HACCP certified facility.

Honey Bun is a member of the Jamaica Exporters Association and the Jamaica Manufacturers Association. We are registered with the local Bureau of Standards and are a member of the local JAMPRO organization. Honey Bun is the proud recipient of many national awards, some of which pertain to quality, customer focus, export and business development.